Kim Stockx – baroque bassoon


Kim Stockx (1987), born in The Netherlands, started her music studies like many Dutch people with the recorder. In 2005 she was admitted to the Royal Conservatory in The Hague to continue studying with Dorothea Winter and Daniël Brüggen.

“Being able to study with these two enormously inspiring teachers, changed not only my way of recorder playing, but above all it had a huge influence on my ideas towards music and even life”.

After receiving her ‘Bachelor of Music’ diploma in 2009, Kim decided to continue studying her second Bachelor studies, Dulcian, Baroque Bassoon and Classical Bassoon with Donna Agrell, Wouter Verschuren and Alberto Grazzi.

“I felt like I was not done yet, I wanted more. I had always been charmed by the rough, but flexible sound of the historical bassoon and the bassoon would add another aspect of music; playing basso continuo”.

And the historical bassoon has been a good choice. In 2012 Kim received her second ‘Bachelor of Music’ diploma and in 2014 her ‘Master of Music’ diploma, both Cum Laude.

Kim has worked with conductors like Ton Koopman, Lars Ulrik Mortensen, Patrick Ayrton, Peter van Heyghen, Charles Toet, Jos Vermunt, Christina Pluhar and Emilio Moreno, and she was a member of the European Union Baroque Orchestra 2012.

Kim is one of the artistic leaders of the Dutch ArtWorks Ensemble, Continuo Company and Red Rose Four.

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